Aluminum cable in a tubular cable lug


An aluminium cable with a cross-section of 85 mm 2 needs to be securely welded into a tubular cable lug. The tubular cable lug is made of copper, plated with nickel and its walls are 0.8 mm thick. The pull-out strength must meet specified limits. 


The task was successfully resolved with a torsional PowerWheel® technology system such as a Telso®Terminal TT7 with a maximum power output of 14.4 kW.

Advantages of this configuration

The unique shape of the tubular cable lug and its thick walls require a large amount of energy to be applied in a short space of time in order to connect the aluminum cable to the inside of the cable lug. The thickness of the walls makes this task even more challenging. The application results in secure, strong welds. The welding process is controlled using the Telso®Flex control software with touchscreen operation.

Aluminium cable in a tubular cable lug



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