Aluminium wire termination with ultrasonics


An aluminium cable with a cross-section of 60 mm 2 needs to be welded to an angled, nickel-plated copper terminal. The weld needs to be as narrow as possible and the tensile strength and shearing load have to meet specified values. 


PowerWheel ® technology is ideal for connecting three-dimensional contact components with large cable cross-sections. The application is welded with an MT8000 PowerWheel ® system with sound protection casing accessible from three sides. The welding process is managed with a TCS5 controller with touchscreen operation. 

Configuration advantages

If the component were to be welded with conventional longitudinal technology, a welding width of just 15 mm could be achieved with this material. Thanks to PowerWheel ® technology, this weld can be reduced to a width of 13 mm. In general, PowerWheel ® technology offers benefits when it comes to accessing welding zones when connecting three-dimensional terminals.

Aluminium cable on an angled terminal