Blend of aluminum and copper wires


A varying number of copper and aluminum wires have to be connected to one another in an electrical system. A suitable connection technique has to be used for this mixture of materials. The application in this example consists of 3×10mm2 aluminum wires and 1×6mm2 copper wire. The total cross section area amounts to 36mm2 . The connection must have as low an electrical contact resistance as possible.


Ultrasonic welding technology is used as an economic way to generate firmly bonded welds. Depending on the total cross section of the connection node, a Telso®Splice TS3 or TS6 wire splicing system is used. Thanks to the wire configurator, you have an easy way to define any variant of wire node.

Advantages of this configuration

Ultrasonic technology enables different types of metal to be welded together, guaranteeing minimum electrical contact resistance in the connection. After configuring a new node or selecting an existing one, the welding system automatically adapts to the type of node in question (both in mechanical terms and in relation to process parameters).

Blend of aluminum and copper wires

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