Compacting copper braid


A copper braid needs to be compacted securely and quickly at the ends using ultrasonic technology. The individual strands at the area of crossover with the uncompacted braided flex must sustain as little damage as possible. Strength-related criteria and downstream processes require the degree of compaction to be as high as possible.


PowerWheel® technology is able to securely compact braided copper flexes with a cross section of up to 160mm2 .

Advantages of this configuration

High power outputs of up to 14.4kW can be applied to the braided copper flex in a very short space of time, creating a secure connection between the individual wires and, as a result, achieving a high degree of compaction. The PowerWheel®'s normal direction of oscillation makes sure the individual wires are protected from vibrations, eliminating almost all damage to the individual strands when suitable tools are used.

Compacting copper braid

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