Compacting the end of high-flex cables


A high-flex cable with a 35 mm 2 cross-section needs to be reliably compacted at the end. In future applications, other cross-sections and other types of high-flex cable also need to be welded together as terminal and connecting nodes. The electrical contact resistance needs to be as low as possible. 


When welding metals, ultrasonic technology guarantees the lowest possible electrical contact resistance. The TS3 Telso ® Splice system can reliably compact cable ends or weld nodes with a total cross-section of 40 mm 2 . When compacting ends or welding terminal nodes, the optional adjustable wire stop makes sure the wires are inserted to the right depth. 

Advantages of this configuration

Thanks to the universal TS3 Telso ® Splice wire splicing system, you can compact wires and produce terminal and connecting nodes with ease. Users can choose from a range of welding and trigger modes. The controller includes a wide array of process control options, enabling you to monitor quality. The Node Editor enables you to program all configurations with ease on the convenient touchscreen.

Compacting the end of high-flex cables