System engineering systems for machine engineering

For more than 50 years, we have been producing complete systems and components for the industrial usage of ultrasonic in system engineering. We supply international leading system engineering companies in many industries with our products and services. 

Ultrasonic - systems from Telsonic consist of, depending on the requirements, generators, converters, sonotrodes, controls, presses and actuators, customized for the application. The most modern bus systems guarantee a simple integration in production facilities and reduce the wiring required. Furthermore, our systems are distinguished by the low amount of energy needed and a compact construction. Our innovation in the areas of acoustic tools (sonotrodes) are wonderfully supplemented by our torsional converter - technology SONIQTWIST®

Our services for system engineering include parameterization and optimization in the welding laboratory and support in series beginning. For all projects, we try to provide early consultation, experience shows the later success of the project and a high complete system effectiveness for our customers.