EV cable assembly with standardized terminals


A very fine high-flex copper cable with a 50 mm 2 cross-section needs to be welded to a copper contact. The weld width must not exceed 9.6 mm. The welding process must not damage the fine individual wires. 


The components are connected using PowerWheel ® technology with an MPX HD welding system with a maximum output of 6.5 kW and sound protection casing accessible from three sides. 

Configuration advantages

Because the weld nodes have to be relatively narrow, the fine wires place strict demands on the welding process – the patented PowerWheel ® technology makes sure the weld is secure. PowerWheel ® technology is able to generate even narrower welding nodes than with longitudinal ultrasonics. Furthermore, this technology has a positive influence on the risk of damaging the fine wires.

High-flex 50 mm 2 cable on a contact