Fine wires on a silverplated copper terminal


Two fine strands, each with a cross section of 50mm2 (100mm2 in total), need to be welded to a silver-plated copper terminal. In this case, the weld width is still 30mm, but the product is due to get a lot narrower in future due to a reduction in construction space.


The task was successfully resolved with a torsional PowerWheel® technology system such as a Telso®Terminal TT7 with a maximum power of 14.4kW. The Telso®Flex process controller comes with a wide array of quality monitoring options. The sound protection casing with three open sides ensures optimum conditions when it comes to ergonomics.

Advantages of this configuration

Torsional PowerWheel® technology's unique method for applying welding force to the component creates a secure weld on sensitive fine wires. Any drawing oil left in the fine wires is safely eliminated thanks to the high level of energy. The machine's potential means that the weld on the same wires in future components can be reduced significantly in size, helping to save on materials and construction space.

Fine wires on a silverplated copper terminal

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