Fixing bolt welded to a deep-drawn part


A housing for holding electronic components is drawn out of an aluminum tablet. As a result, the completed housing has a smooth surface, which means that nothing can be attached to it. For this reason, threaded screws or special angled retaining bars need to be secured to the housing retroactively.


The round, square and rectangular attachments/entire retaining bars to be mounted are quickly and securely welded to the housing using a torsional TSP3000 SONIQTWIST® system or corresponding components.

Advantages of this configuration

Thanks to torsional SONIQTWIST® technology, even complex geometric components can be quickly and securely welded with successful results and without placing the component under the strain of excessive heat. Flat components can also be bonded securely at specific points. The process parameters for each weld operation are logged, thus ensuring the verifiability of welding quality. The process controller comes with a range of data recording and analysis options.

Fixing bolt welded to a deep-drawn part

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