High-flex cable on a contact


A high-voltage copper cable with a cross section of 70mm2 needs to be welded to a copper contact. The contact width means that the welding width cannot exceed 15mm. The tensile load and shearing load strength also has to meet specified values and the thin, sensitive individual wires in the area of crossover must not sustain any damage.


This application can be resolved only using the high-powered ultrasonics of PowerWheel® technology. In this case, a system of type Telso®Terminal TT7 with a maximum output of 14.4kW and the Telso®Flex control software is used.

Advantages of this configuration

The high-energy input is generated with PowerWheel® technology. At the same time, the PowerWheel®'s movement pattern and a suitable weld surface design for the sonotrode prevents the individual thin wires from sustaining damage. Another benefit offered by the PowerWheel®'s movement pattern is the fact that the weld width can be reduced by up to 30% in contrast to conventional technology.

High-flex cable on a contact