Inline & end splices with aluminum wires


Owing to increases in the price of copper, aluminum is becoming increasingly important as an alternative material. Ultrasonic welding technology is just as suitable for aluminum flex wire as it is for copper flex wire. One important point to remember is that the system requires special attachments to achieve the best possible results when working with aluminum.


Due to aluminum's suitability for welding, there is a risk of it sticking to tools. To prevent sticking, certain adjustments need to be made to tools. And because aluminum is softer than copper, the welding parameters also have to be adjusted accordingly. With the Telso®Splice system, you can achieve all this with ease because the software provides you with a welding parameters data record for aluminum that is easy to select and load.

Advantages of this configuration

With the universal TS3 Telso®Splice wire splicing system, you can reliably weld wires with a total cross section of up to 40mm2 . Both copper and aluminum can be welded firmly and reliably with minimum electrical resistance. Users can choose from a range of welding and trigger modes. The controller includes a wide array of process control options, enabling you to monitor quality.

Inline & end splices with aluminum wires

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