Laboratory sieving machines to determine the grain size


When colouring products, pigments are often added to the raw materials in order to produce the desired shades. After grinding and classifying the pigment powders, a screening analysis may be required – depending on the intended use – to determine the particle size distribution.


The fractionation of the screened product can be determined using multi-stage screening analysis devices. In the case of screen fabrics with very fine meshes in particular, however, clogging and reduced throughput are often inevitable. SONOSCREEN ® easy ultrasonic components can help in this regard. A converter coupled with a round or rectangular screen fabric frame transfers the ultrasonic vibrations to the screen fabric, significantly improving the screening process.

Configuration advantages

The ultrasonics provide microvibrations to support the analysis screening devices, which often have very little or no inherent vibration. In the case of this method, ultrasonics help to achieve a throughput of the screened product or, with very fine screens, to increase the screening output. The space-saving generator modules are suitable for compact installation in a control cabinet.

Analysis screening of pigments