Large aluminium cable welding on nickel-plated terminal


An aluminium cable with a cross-section of 120 mm 2 needs to be welded to a nickel-plated copper terminal. To add a further chal- lenging aspect, the weld needs to be as narrow as possible for con- struction reasons. The tensile strength and shearing load also have to meet specified values. 


In this case, the task was resolved with a torsional MT8000 PowerWheel ® technology system with a maximum output of 10 kW. The system is equipped with a sound protection case that is acces- sible from three sides. The welding process is managed with a TCS5 controller with touchscreen operation. 

Configuration advantages

PowerWheel ® technology is able to distribute the welding force so that only 26 mm needs to be welded instead of 30 mm (as is the case in a linear process) while still protecting the aluminium cable. The nickel plating on the terminal increases corrosion protection on the one hand while achieving better strength values on the other. Tensile strength of up to 5000 N can be achieved.

Aluminium cable on a nickel-plated copper terminal