Longitudinal ultrasonic welding of enamelled copper wire


Individually enamelled copper wires need to be securely welded to a copper terminal without having to remove the enamel beforehand. Residual enamel must not affect the electrical conductivity and the connection must exhibit sufficient welding strength. 


The connection was created using a linear MPX spot welding system – without having to insulate the wires in advance. In order to remove the enamel layer in a preceding cleaning phase, a pressure and amplitude profile is created with suitable parameters. The connection is then welded with a high level of pressure and energy in a second stage. 

Configuration advantages

As a result, the enamel is easily removed from the wire before welding and without having to move the wire. The TCS5 process controller offers extensive quality assurance options. A sonotrode with multiple spare weld surfaces keeps operating costs to a minimum. This welding system's modular structure allows it to be flexibly integrated into automatic production lines.

Welding enamelled wires