Multiple aluminum cables on a CU eyelet terminal


The terminal is used to attach a vehicle's earthing connections to certain points on the running gear. The individual cables must be grouped together within the side terminations and welded securely in place. The terminal's cord grip then has to be crimped at a very particular height. In the past, aluminum used to cause problems by sticking to the tools though this issue has now been solved.


This application was solved using an MPX GL (3.6kW, 20kHz) universal welding system with a special device for ensuring repeatability in the process. The welding system logs the location of the terminal with a high degree of precision in order to make sure the cable is fed into exactly the right place.

Advantages of this configuration

The MPX universal welding system allows you to monitor quality using the data collected by a built-in load cell. Furthermore, the system precisely measures maximum power and the height before and after the welding process. The holding system balances out any differences in perforated terminals and the adjustable crimping tool can be adapted to various types and thicknesses of insulation. The cavity is designed so that a wide array of eyelet terminals and cable configurations can be welded onto the same system.

Multiple aluminum cables on a CU eyelet terminal

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