Powder sieving system with ultrasound for perfect surfaces


The use of the SONOSCREEN ® plus system on screening systems with large diameters has proven its worth in the manufacture of powder coatings. In the powder coating process, the returned powder is processed by the screening resonators in the SONOSCREEN ® easy system and added to the fresh powder.


The amount of incorrectly sized grains is minimised by means of protective screening with a wobble or vibration screening system. The use of ultrasonics increases the throughput rate and improves the screening process. The screening frame is fitted with a resonator ring which is excited with high-frequency vibrations along with the screen fabric by means of a converter.

Configuration advantages

Thanks to the resonance point excitation, the SONOSCREEN ® plus system is suitable for virtually any application. The additional excitation with ultrasonics removes clogging from the screen meshes and reliably separates out incorrectly sized grains. As another key advantage, the increased throughput rate and continuous screen cleaning result in improved cost-effectiveness and powder quality. The choice of 16 preset configurations guarantees the best possible screening result. Rugged plug connections ensure high reliability and safety, particularly in ATEX areas.

Protective screening of powder coatings