Screw-on solution for aluminum busbars


An aluminum busbar with a cross-section of 120 mm2, which is designed for high currents, should be provided in an electric vehicle as the connection to the traction battery. The challenge in this case is to weld a nickel-plated brass sheet to this busbar with a screw which has already been pressed in. The complexity results from the curved shape of the contact part, which considerably restricts accessibility to the welding point. The press-in screw can also fall off due to vibrations which can occur.


PowerWheel® technology is utilized in view of the large joint area, which requires extensive welding power. This technology enables the transmission of high power and, in combination with a damping device, thereby welding without damaging the press connection. The welding between the aluminum busbar and the nickel-plated brass contact functions reliably in series.

Advantages of this configuration

Ultrasonic welding enables a reliable and permanently stable connection of different metals, whereby the electrical contact resistance is minimized. Integrated monitoring of the welding process ensures a consistently high quality of the welded joints. When compared to other welding processes, ultrasonic metal welding is significantly more energy-efficient, which therefore makes the technology particularly valuable.

Screw-on solution for aluminum busbars

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