Seperation of solid materials on headphones


The task is to cover soft plastic foam rings for headphones with synthetic leather. Due to the positioning, the required work processes should be carried out as far as possible in one setting. 


In this case, the task was solved with the Cut & Seal process using 20 kHz 6.5 kW ultrasonics. It is a two-stage punching and welding process, which takes place simultaneously in one product position. 

Configuration advantages

This process produces reliable, well-welded seams which are not only very firm, but also include a pleasantly soft welding seam on the outer edge. This setting can be adjusted. All the steps are carried out in a single setting and clamping position, so that the materials cannot change position and the part produced is of high quality both technically and visually.

Punching and welding in one operation (foam covered with artificial leather)