Terminal with double weld and insulation


An aluminium cable needs to be welded onto a two-part terminal. To begin with, the aluminium terminal needs to be welded to the nickel-plated copper terminal. After that, the weld point has to be sealed in a special injection moulding process. Then the second weld is produced: the aluminium cable is welded to the aluminium terminal. 


Both welds are carried out in this order with the PowerWheel® system such as the Telso®Terminal TT7 with a power of 14.4 kW.

Configuration advantages

With its high weld output and specialist technology, PowerWheel ® technology is the only solution to this application. The weld is able to withstand even the highest loads. This technology reliably prevents contact erosion between the aluminium and the copper in the terminal. The process has been approved for use in the automotive industry.

Terminal with double weld and insulation