Thermo plastic welding of electronic couplers


The two injection-moulded housing halves of an electronics coupler with a size of 12 × 12 mm must be connected together accurately. The couplers are produced in high quantities and the joining process must therefore be integrated into a production system for the entire part.


For the joining task, an AC350 ultrasonic welding actuator, a modular MAG generator with a maximum power of 1200 W and an ACC controller are integrated into the production system. For the precise pre-positioning of the housing halves in relation to each other, positioning pins are moulded onto one of the housing halves. Fine energy directors are provided to produce the welding seam. 

Configuration advantages

The ACC welding process and actuator controller offers high flexibility with regard to welding modes, storage and reading of process data with the optional Telso ® Tools software and a connection to higher-level PLC system controllers. The fine energy directors ensure sufficient strength without visible melt overflowing from the joining zone.

Electronics coupler