Tumble-screening machines with ultrasound for tablets


Prior to compression moulding, medical powders for tablets and pills must be screened and classified (with the aim of optimum separa- tion precision). The screen fabric must be prevented from clogging for as long as possible in order to comply with the required grain size tolerance.


SONOSCREEN ® easy is an affordable and reliable screening system for all kinds of powder types and applications. Thanks to the homogeneous distribution of ultrasonic vibrations inside and outside the ring resonator, a uniformly high screening output is achieved over the entire screening surface.

Configuration advantages

The patented SONOSCREEN ® ultrasonic screening technology can also be retrofitted to existing rectangular or round screen frames. This makes the system suitable for use with every wobble or vibration screening machine. The use of ultrasonics significantly increases the screening output and achieves a higher degree of separation precision. The continuous cleaning effect of the ultrasonic vibrations considerably reduces the risk of clogging and thus reduces the cleaning intervals. The system is low-maintenance and easy to clean. An ATEX version is also available if required.

Screening of powder for tablets and pills