Tungsten powder screening system with ultrasonic sieve


The use of tungsten powder in high-tech devices requires a narrow particle size distribution and high separation precision. Incorrectly sized particles are not permitted for quality reasons. Final protective screening is therefore carried out after the powder production and classification.


The aim of protective screening is a high throughput within a short time. If the screened product is smaller than the mesh size, it generally passes through the screen without any trouble. But if the surface of the grain is rough, it can get clogged. This is simply removed using ultrasonics. The screening deck of the protective screening system is fitted with an ultrasonic resonator ring and converter. The ultrasonic vibrations are transferred to the screen fabric via the bonding between the screen fabric and the resonator ring.

Configuration advantages

The use of ultrasonics significantly increases the screening output and removes clogging. This significantly reduces the risk of clogging and achieves a consistently high throughput rate. The reduced friction protects the screen fabric, resulting in further cost savings. The SONOSCREEN ® plus system saves energy and is easy to retrofit on existing screening systems.

Protective screening of tungsten powder