Ultrasonic cut and seal and embossing of compresses


Depending on the intended use and requirements, compresses such as bolster pads, suction pads or filter inserts must be provided with different edge textures; for example, 2–3 mm wide, smooth or structured edge welding, with a retaining bead for fixing into the component, or a double-welded wave-like profile. 


The Cut & Seal ultrasonic cutting process enables you to cut out all kinds of geometric shapes and sizes and seal around the edge at the same time. Edges with wide, smooth, structured or other functional properties can be produced perfectly with a special 2-stage cutting and welding device in the same setting and clamping position. 

Configuration advantages

The ultrasonic vibrations create a cutting effect which generates heat, thereby melting and sealing the edge region. In addition to the sealed edge contour, the clever 2-stage process can also be used to produce wide and, if desired, structured additional welds.

Compresses with different edge zones