Ultrasonic innovations to flush weld current conductors


Flat, rectangular copper conductors need be flush-welded using ultrasonic technology. The welded joint must not be thicker than the conductor, i.e. overlapping must be avoided. The small bead generated by the process is cut off. 


By configuring the ultrasonic units in a special way and using individually designed sonotrodes, flat metal conductors can be flush-welded using ultrasonic technology. Telsonic has registered a patent for this technology. This can also be achieved using PowerWheel ® technology, which is used when welding larger cross-sections that require high levels of power. 

Configuration advantages

This patent-registered technology can be used to quickly and reliably produce flush welds without having to significantly raise the welding point. With a high output of up to 10 kW, PowerWheel ® technology can be used to flush weld copper or aluminium conductors with a cross-section of up to 200 mm 2 .

Flush welding conductors using ultrasonics