Ultrasonic presses for filter with pointed corners


The ventilation opening in an electronic component has to be protected against the ingress of dust, using a fine fleece filter. The square filters measuring 25 x 25 mm require a sealed edge zone and pointed corners. 


The ultrasonic Cut & Seal technology is used to produce this filter pad with a sealed edge zone and pointed corners. With this process, cutting and sealing functions can be carried out simultaneously. Due to the small size of these filters, several parts can be produced simultaneously in one working cycle. The cutting forms are designed for multiple use and special attention must be given to the design of the anvil with regard to the pointed corners. 

Configuration advantages

The ultrasonic cutting process is an economically efficient production method, which meets all the requirements for the required edge zone design. The process is reliable, easy to automate and offers various options for quality control. The use of multicavities allows a high production output.

Filter with pointed corners

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