Ultrasonic sieving of makeup powder


Makeup powder is produced in large quantities, different colour shades and different qualities. The powder particles have a size of just a few micrometres, which presents significant challenges for the screening process when it comes to ensuring a cost-effective throughput rate.


In the case of very fine screening meshes in particular, the throughput rate of wobble or vibration screening machines can be increased significantly with the aid of ultrasonics. The SONOSCREEN ® easy components, which ensure an efficient screening result, are easy to integrate into all standard screening machines.

Configuration advantages

In addition to the vibration of the screening system, the screen fabric is overlaid with an ultrasonic vibration which can boost productivity by a double-digit percentage. Thanks to the homogeneous distribution of ultrasonic vibrations, a uniformly high screening output is achieved over the entire screening surface. Further advantages include a much lower risk of clogging and less dust formation. The system is low-maintenance, easy to clean and can be retrofitted on existing screening systems.

Makeup powder