Ultrasonic sifting of solder powder


The electronics industry requires soldering powder in large quantities and various qualities for all kinds of applications. The fractionating procedures with wobble or vibration screening machines must meet high requirements in terms of separation precision and cost-effectiveness. Conventional, purely mechanical screening procedures will struggle to fulfil these requirements.


In addition to the purely mechanical vibrations, an ultrasonic device can be integrated into all types of screening machines in order to improve the screening quality and throughput volume. This has proved to be particularly effective for soldering powders. In a double-decker screening system, the SONOSCREEN ® plus SG47 generators activate the ultrasonic components – which are integrated in two screening decks – at a high frequency.

Configuration advantages

Ultrasonic systems cause the finest screen fabric to vibrate and reduce the friction between the product and screen fabric, thus increasing the throughput volume several times over and improving the separation precision of the screened product thanks to the permanent cleaning of the screen. Ultrasonic components integrated into screening systems prevent the screen fabric from becoming clogged, further increasing the throughput rate. SONOSCREEN ® plus components can be easily integrated into all types and shapes of screening machine.

Soldering powder