Ultrasonic splicing of enamelled copper wire


The end of a rectangular cable package with individually enamelled wires of size 5 × 10 mm needs to be electrically connected and compacted. The individual strands in the area of crossover must sustain as little damage as possible. The degree of compaction must be as high as possible. 


Applications like this require high levels of pressure and ultrasonic energy. These criteria are fully met by PowerWheel ® technology. When working with copper, cross-sections up to 60 mm 2 can be processed using a 6.5 kW MPX HD PowerWheel ® system. The TCS5 process controller comes with extensive quality monitoring options. 

Configuration advantages

PowerWheel ® technology enables all wires to be connected quickly and securely without any damage. There is now no longer any need to insulate the individual wires in advance. The PowerWheel ® 's normal direction of oscillation makes sure the individual wires are protected from vibrations, eliminating almost all damage to the individual strands when suitable tools are used.

Compacting enamelled cable packages