Ultrasonic washing of small parts after final manufacture


After the final stage of manufacturing, machine elements or small parts such as screws, nuts, locking rings or pins need to be cleaned to remove oil, dirt, polishing paste residues or machining residues and then dried before being packed in packaging units.


The final cleaning of small parts like these is carried out in a singlechamber system which covers the entire process from pre-cleaning to drying. The chamber is generally fitted with ultrasonic tube resonators which are operated with powerful DCG generators.(DCG = Digital Cleaning Generator)

Configuration advantages

Thanks to their radial radiation, tube resonators generate an extremely intensive and homogeneous ultrasonic vibration field. This means that the cavitation even reaches hidden areas that typically occur when cleaning small parts in bulk. With a range of installation lengths available, the resonators are versatile and therefore ideal for retrofitting in existing tanks. The cost-effective DCG generators and tube resonators boast an excellent efficiency level of > 92 per cent.

Final cleaning of small parts



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