Ultrasound technology for antiseptic dressing


Antiseptic dressings often consist of a number of different material layers, each with different tasks and requirements; they have to be produced in a variety of shapes using continuous sandwich base material. Depending on the intended use, they may require an incision to feed through a catheter. This opening must be clean-cut and not frayed. 


The Cut & Seal ultrasonic cutting process enables you to cut out various shapes from base or other raw materials and seal the contour at the same time. The cut-out contour is also sealed in the same process. 

Configuration advantages

In economic terms, the ultrasonic Cut & Seal process is characterised by economic overall production costs. The technical advantage of this technology is the simultaneous cutting out of the molded part and the Y-shaped cut-out for the catheter, along with the edge sealing of all contours to prevent the non-woven material from fraying and entering the wound.

Antiseptic dressing with catheter opening