Welding sheets onto blow-moulded parts


A blow-moulded medical component made of PE has to be enclosed with foil to ensure tightness. The problem is that the thin-walled blow-moulded component can withstand almost no pressure, and the upper edge that is to be welded does not always have a clean seal. In addition, the wall thicknesses are not always even.


In this case, the problem was solved in a process-reliable way with torsional SONIQTWIST ® technology using the TSP750 machine. 

Configuration advantages

Torsional technology is able to deliver the best welding results with the lowest pressure on the component, even when the lower part has varying wall thicknesses. Thanks to the torsional SONIQTWIST ® technology, the film was not damaged (no membrane effect).

Tightly sealing blow-moulded component with foil