Wire splicing of copper strands end nodes


Electrical wire harnesses used in the automotive industry call for the precise compaction of stranded copper wires with various crosssections and configurations. A suitable process check must be integrated into the production process to ensure the quality of welding and compaction results. 


With the Telso ® Splice TS3 wire splicing system and its optional limit stop, you can compact wire configurations with a total cross-section of up to 40 mm 2 and monitor the process using parameter tolerances. The TELSONIC Quality Control Center TQCC provides a comprehensive quality control solution during the production process. 

Configuration advantages

The intuitive, user-friendly touchscreen software allows all configurations to be programmed with ease in the Node Editor. Covering splice cross-sections from 0.26 to 40 mm 2 , it can deal with the majority of applications. The limit stop can be adjusted to allow wires to be inserted precisely with high repeat accuracy. The TELSONIC Quality Control Center TQCC carefully checks the welded splices. All samples are fully documented and stored with a picture plus their width, height, and pull and peel force curve.

Compacting stranded copper wires