Wiring harness for board assembly


When you are mounting wire harnesses on an assembly board, wire terminal nodes need to be welded at various positions on the board. These days, production systems are often based on the KSK principle (KSK is short for the German acronym for "customerspecific harness"). Splicing systems for mounting wiring harnesses on assembly boards must be as compact as possible, must be able to move on all axes and must be compatible with KSK. 


The assembly board version of the ultrasonic Telso ® Splice TS3 wire splicing system perfectly meets all of these requirements. Thanks to its sturdy structure, the system can weld cross-sections from 0.26 to 40 mm 2 . When combined with a suitable suspension device, the compact welding tongs can move on every axis. The software comes with an interface to production control systems. 

Advantages of this configuration

Thanks to the compact design, the welding tongs and their counterbalancing device easily access all splice positions, even when space is tight. The optional cutting module for bad welds monitors adherence to parameter limits and caps "bad" splices following confirmation by the user. The Telso ® Splice TS3 is programmed and operated with an intuitive user interface on a touchscreen monitor. Thanks to its network capability, the system allows for simple data exchange and connection to production control systems.

Wiring harness for board assembly