Cleaning with imploding gas bubbles

Ultrasonic cleaning has become an integral part of industrial production processes. The elimination of fouling is important for process reliability, prepares further process steps and is suitable for the final cleaning of products.

The versatile ultrasonic components from Telsonic optimally fulfil the requirements of our customers' increasingly complex applications. They can be flexibly integrated into automated cleaning installations, despite the tougher production requirements.

Telsonic has decades of substantiated experience in industrial cleaning and continuously refines its products. Telsonic ultrasonic components are able to optimally deep-clean complex shapes (including blind holes, for example) to be optimally and thoroughly cleaned. 

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Areas of Application:

Intermediate cleaning

Each downstream process step may require an intermediate clean of the parts to be processed.

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Final cleaning

One customer need is the supply of perfectly cleaned parts.

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Maintenance cleaning

In order to ensure safe and reliable operation, machines and tools must be continuously maintained.

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Determination of residual dirt

Ultrasonic components guarantee the highest possible degree of purity for removing any fouling remaining after production.

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