Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems explained in detail

Process description 

The Telsonic ultrasonics cleaning systems comprises a generator, a converter and a resonator. The generator and converter (with Piezo ceramic) generate the ultrasonics from the mains frequency (50/60 Hz). The tube resonators guides and distributes the ultrasonics into the cleaning medium. 
 The ultrasonic vibrations introduced into the liquid generate over and under pressure, cavitation occurs. Cavitation is described by small bubbles in the liquid. During the pressure phase, these small bubbles implode, thereby producing the cleaning effect on the product. Cavitation produces the effect of millions of tiny brushes, which eliminate every single impurity.
 The cleaning effect depends on the temperature in the medium, the pressure prevailing in the liquid, the concentration of the admixture in the bath and the ultrasonics system settings (frequency, amplitude, power).
Ultrasonic components are especially suitable for the intermediate cleaning of parts that are required to have the utmost purity for the preparation of further production process steps or for the final deep clean. Ultrasonics clean rapidly and thoroughly during the maintenance of machinery. Quality control departments use ultrasonics for measuring residual dirt. 


Application areas 

Ultrasonic cleaning is particularly suitable for final and intermediate cleaning of soiled parts, determination of residual dirt, overhaul cleaning, system servicing and process acceleration. 

Customer benefit

  • Optimum cleaning results even with complex part design
  • Simple handling during installation and operation of ultrsonic components 
  • Shorter process throughput times
  • Chemical additive savings
  • Higher degree of purity despite low bath temperatures
  • High process reliability thanks to reproducible results
  • Wealth of application experience
  • Comprehensive product information 


  • Automotive  
  • Electronics 
  • Chemical  
  • Electroplating 
  • Precision engineering 
  • Power stations 
  • Metal processing 
  • Optics and glass 
  • Aviation

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