Metal Welding longitudinal and torsional technologies, PowerWheel® technology

Ultrasonic welding of non-ferrous metals, such as copper and aluminium, has been a tried-and-tested process in the industry for years. The welding is completed very rapidly, taking 1 to 3 seconds, depending on the size of the weld node. 

Compared to other welding processes, the joined parts are heated up less so that they do not reach their melting point. This results in a number of advantages compared to other jointing technologies. Other materials directly adjacent to the weld, such as the insulation of a wire, is not damaged. Furthermore, the jointed material does not become brittle at the transition to the solid material. The strength of the weld is created by the relaxation process of the first two atomic layers of the parts to be welded. The type of welding is similar to that of diffusion welding.

Application areas: There are many applications in the field of metal processing. These range from the jointing of wires and power rails, welding of wire harnesses and contacts in the automotive and electrical engineering industries through to special applications with enameled wire, foils and thin sheet metal. Detailed examples can be found in the application examples. 


 Customer benefit

  • Tried-and-tested longitudinal ultrasonics technology 
  • Innovative torsional ultrasonics technology SONIQTWIST® for demanding applications
  • Innovative PowerWheel® for large cables
  • High and consistent quality through on-going process control
  • Reliable connections
  • Extensive application experience
  • Comprehensive and detailed product information and documentation 

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