Jan 13, 2015

10th anniversary: TELSONIC subsidiary in Kac/Serbia


The constant sales growth of the TELSONIC Group prompted the management to extend the capacity of the machines and personal by opening the subsidiary in Kac/Serbia in 2004. Now, 10 years on, a new production building has been opened.

In 2004, TELSONIC reached its capacity limits due to the continuous increase in production quantities and rising pressure of costs in sonotrode design and production at the location in Switzerland.

The TELSONIC subsidiary in Kac has excellent road and communication systems and can be reached from Belgrade within one hour. Thanks to the proximity to the university town of Novi Sad, we have excellently skilled professionals at our disposal. Furthermore, Kac is located in the same time zone and the quality as well as delivery times meet the high TELSONIC standard.

In December 2014, there were several events to celebrate: Along with the 10th anniversary, an additional production building, including new production facilities, was inaugurated.

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