Apr 2, 2019

7th International Conference Automotive Wire Harness

TELSONIC Ultrasonics showcases new example applications at conference

As experts in ultrasonic bonding technology, Telsonic showcased the options which are available for welding wires, establishing connections between wires and terminals in the wire harness as well as for ultrasonic welding applications in the battery and engine."

I am delighted that the example applications we presented on secure connections with ultrasonic welding were well received in Ludwigsburg,” stated Rick Steinbach, Key Account Manager for Metal Welding. “Telsonic’s main focal points in terms of technology also open up a whole host of new possibilities with respect to lightweight construction and electromobility as they concentrate on reducing both weight and costs.

We would like to thank our expert partners for their input at the conference and are looking forward to the follow-up meetings at TELSONIC GmbH in Erlangen.”

Rick Steinbach, Key Account Manager for Metal Welding, TELSONIC GmbH Germany
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