Jan 21, 2014

Application: Punching holes in bumpers


Punching produces neat holes in bumpers

For the purpose of punching neat holes into paint-coated bumpers, important global automotive suppliers rely on ultrasonics technology developed by TELSONIC AG, Switzerland. With a comparatively small power input, a sonotrode punches complex shapes in the required quality. The external, visible side is not affected in any way. Furthermore, the process produces a neat curve of the paint coat with a defined radius. The process can be fully automated and produces the shapes required for fitting the sensors for distance control and parking assistants or headlight cleaning systems and side markers.

"Our ultrasonic punch technology does not leave any marks on the highly sensitive visible side of the fully paint-coated plastic bumpers that are ready for installation", emphasises Wolfgang Ott, Head of the Plastic Welding Department at TELSONIC. The process developed by the Swiss ultrasonics pioneers produces neatly punched shapes in plastic car bumpers measuring 2.5 - 4 mm in thickness. The OEM customers demand punches without any marks whatsoever on the extremely sensitive visible side of the paint-coated bumpers, which are usually manufactured from PP-EPBM. Globally active first-tier suppliers use this ultrasonics technology - which is suitable for automated applications - to produce high-quality results.

Top quality with small power input

Compared to mechanical technologies, this punching process requires considerably less power. This means that significantly less space is needed for the design of the required matrix, which can also be produced by the users themselves. That makes it easier to fully automate the jointing process. The embossing and punched shapes are produced in one highly precise and careful process using 20-35 kHz components. The frequency depends on the size of the punched hole. In this ultrasonic punching process the cutting clearance is not critical. The generators have an output of between 1.2 and 2.4 kW and the components can easily be used to construct a bespoke system solution.

The results of the ultrasonic punching process are significantly better than those achieved with alternative mechanical processes. Furthermore, the defined formation of the leading radius can be produced in the same work cycle. The paint coat is gently drawn into the punched holes without leaving any discernable traces, damage or fluff. As a result, within a very short space of time, the reliable and tried-and-tested ultrasonic punching process developed by TELSONIC AG has become the process of choice for producing punched shapes in plastic bumpers.

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