Apr 5, 2019

Coffee pods that pack a punch

Coffee pods are on trend. They are particularly popular with consumers due to their full-bodied flavour and the ease with which they allow drinks to be prepared.

These major benefits are derived from the types of coffee used, how easy the pods are to use, grinding fineness, precise portioning, the sealing in of the flavour inside the pod and, above all, the brewing pressure in the coffee machine. Coffee machines that use pods are unlike "normal" coffee machines. Instead of the hot water dripping through the ground coffee, it is pressed through under pressure and can thus absorb the full flavour of the coffee. The filter felt inside the pods plays a very important role in the quality of the finished product. Cutting and welding systems that work with ultrasonics lend themselves to the precise cutting of the small filters and their fastening inside the pod. They are the perfect choice for these applications based on reasons of cost, technology and, last but not least, aesthetic and culinary considerations.

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