Jul 16, 2012

Cut & Seal USP8000 sold to Japan


TELSONIC AG has recently been able to sell and deliver another machine of type USP8000 to a well-known customer in Japan. 

Up to now the customer has worked with the smaller USP4700. Thanks to the new machine, the Japanese company is able to improve its Cut & Seal options (production of face masks). Due to the size of the face masks it was no longer possible to use the smaller USP4700. Hardened steel sonotrodes with dimensions of up to 145mm x 245mm are supplied with the machine for the cut and seal process, as well as aluminium sonotrodes measuring 245mm x 245mm for welding large areas of filter material. Now there are discussions about USP12000 machines in order to be able to weld even thicker materials.

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