Mar 1, 2009

Formula 1 in screening


(Bronschhofen) Just like a Formula 1 racecar on a particular racetrack, the new screening system from the Swiss company Telsonic AG adapts to ­different screening situations.  With presets for various types of powder, it is possible not only to make gains in the hundredths range, but also to achieve productivity increases amounting to tens of percent. This ­results from use of a generator that always optimises the best resonance values for the particular application. The system is gentle on the material, does not have to be cleaned nearly as often and is extremely energy-efficient. Existing screening systems from the Swiss pioneer in ultrasonic screening can be retrofitted to the new Sonoscreen plus at little additional cost.

"With 16 product-specific presets on the new Sonoscreen plus, users are sure to find the setting that yields the best screening ­results", states Jens Geserik. "Moreover, heavy metal powders such as tungsten carbide and lightweight pigment powders are each screened with the lowest possible energy input and thus extremely energy efficiently", according to the sales ­agency responsible for Germany. Lightweight pigment powder with a low melting point can be screened, for instance, with an energy input of only a few watts using a screen with a diameter of 1.200 mm. This effectively prevents the powder from starting to melt as a result of the heat generated by a high energy input. In turn, the intervals between cleanings are extended considerably.

A screening system that adapts

The manufacturer promises a new, flexible screening technology with varying frequencies. At the start of the screening operation, the system scans the situation and selects the three best resonance points for the desired vibration. Since con­ditions change continually during screening as a function of the weight or temperature of the material being screened, these optimal operating points also ­change. Sonoscreen plus monitors the continually changing screening situation and adapts the screening process automatically every minute. Optimising the movement of the fabric in this way boosts throughput during screening tremendously. "Increas­es of 30 or 40 percent and even higher are not uncommon", emphasises Geserik, based on the experience of his customers. Furthermore, products such as green tea that previously were considered unscreenable can now be screened using ultrasonics. A Japanese tea producer having great success.

Users can operate the Sonoscreen plus system easily via a membrane keyboard. The system stores preset, customer-specific formulas which can be accessed at the touch of a button. Sonoscreen plus is available for screen diameters up to 2900 mm. For the first time, multiple screening systems can be powered by a single generator. HF cable lengths of up to 50 metres are supplied to enable the generator to be installed in a central location. This latest development from the Swiss pioneer in ultrasonics is also available with Atex certifications for use in areas with potentially explosive ­atmospheres. Existing Telsonic screening systems can be retrofitted to the new Sonoscreen plus at little additional cost. Telsonic will be exhibiting the Sonoscreen plus screening system at the Achema trade fair.

Swiss pioneer and technology leader

The Swiss Telsonic AG is the pioneer in the field of ultrasonic technology. The company, which was founded in 1966,­ with subsidiaries in Germany, England, South-East Europe, China and the USA as well as a joint venture in India and representatives in many other countries, holds numerous patents. It applies ultrasonic­ technology for welding, separation welding, cleaning and sieving, as well as in chemical processes. Telsonic patented its ultrasonic screening technology in 1994.


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