Nov 19, 2020

HandyStar Energy: The flexible ultrasonic hand welding unit


The HandyStar Energy is designed for simplicity and cost efficiency. It meets the requirements of manual workstations thanks to its robust construction. With 600 W peak power and 375 W continuous power, the HandyStar Energy can be used for a variety of 35 kHz applications. Typical applications are spot welding, riveting, crimping, and cutting.

The energy mode controls the energy used per welding process. As a result, high process stability is guaranteed despite manual activity. Of course, the time mode and the manual mode are still available and ultrasound applications can be solved with a high degree of flexibility.

Major customer benefits at a glance:

  • The HandyStar Energy is based on the Multi Application Generator MAG, which has been proven for years. It is characterized by a high reliability, a long service life, and low maintenance
  • Quick application changeover through simple sonotrode exchange and 16 storable jobs
  • A weld counter gives the operator the certainty that all welding points have been completed
  • The demand-controlled cooling of the welding tool minimizes the consumption of compressed air

Accessories / Options

  • Ergonomic handle: The hand unit can be added to the handle if the ergonomics of the application requires it.
  • Transport handles to conveniently transport the HandyStar Energy.
  • Recess for storing the handheld device

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