Apr 24, 2012

Innovation in communication: TELSONIC gets its own BeeTagg


TELSONIC AG is a leading player on the ultrasonic technology market, but this is not the only field in which we use new technologies. For example, two new functional instruments for communication involving new media have recently been introduced: the company's own BeeTagg and inventive cleaning pads for smartphones. These new tools will deliver added value to our customers and partners in their communications with Telsonic.


A BeeTagg is a 2D barcode structured like a honeycomb. The code is easy to unencrypt: just download the BeeTagg QR Reader from the App Store free of charge and use the app to decipher the code. Once the code has been deciphered, the user is taken straight to Telsonic's new website. The BeeTagg is now being printed on all Telsonic business cards.


There is also a BeeTagg on the new cleaning pads. The pads are a practical and effective solution for cleaning sensitive surfaces and lenses such as those found on smartphones. The BeeTagg on this small microfibre cloth links directly to the new Telsonic online movie, which recently went live on our homepage.

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