Nov 2, 2021

Re-certification of Telsonic AG quality management system (ISO 9001/ISO 14001) passed


"With this audit, we now have a certificate for an integrated management system according to ISO 9001/ISO 14001 that is valid for 3 years."

Telsonic motivation

The rapid pace of technological change in all industries, the development of social trends and the ever-increasing globalization of markets are continuing. In order to promote customer satisfaction and loyalty in a sustainable way, it is essential to practice systematic and continuous knowledge management regarding the development of the general situation as well as the associated needs and expectations of the relevant stakeholders. This supports the early identification of short-term and longer-term challenges; Telsonic should align its organization and processes based on these challenges, and improve them in a performance-oriented manner. Risk-oriented management helps to prioritize appropriate measures in order to prevent risks on the one hand and to successfully exploit opportunities in a timely manner on the other. In this context, ensuring the availability and maintenance of skills and knowledge is an increasingly complex task that Telsonic is addressing.

SQS certificate ISO 9001 recognition

The SQS certificate ISO 9001 is internationally valid and recognized worldwide through the IQNet partnership. As a leading assessment and certification organization for quality and management systems, SQS has many years of experience and cross-industry expertise. This guarantees its worldwide high reputation and acceptance of the SQS certificate for quality management systems according to ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 can be extended in conjunction with ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety), ISO 50001 (energy management) or ISO 31000 (risk management) to form an integrated management system. The new structure (High Level Structure, HLS) facilitates the integration of these standards and promotes understanding within the company.

TELSONIC AG, Daniel Schmid, Head of Management System

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