Jun 3, 2024

Revolutionizing Battery Cell Connectors on Busbars: A Case Study

Telsonic’s advanced PowerWheel® welding technology has once again demonstrated its versatility and efficiency, this time  in the critical application of battery cell connectors for electric  vehicles (EVs). By combining aluminum cell connectors with copper busbars, Telsonic has set a new standard for durable and electrically conductive connections, essential for the future of EV technology.

In EV battery systems, aluminum stamped parts are used to connect the battery cells. These connection elements need to be securely attached to a copper busbar to ensure reliable electrical conductivity. However, direct screwing is not feasible due to the relaxation properties of aluminum. The solution lies in welding the cell connectors to a short copper busbar, creating a permanent and electrically conductive bond that can then be screwed in place.

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