Dec 13, 1901

Sealing packagings with ultrasonic – the sustainable technology of the future

The awareness of our consumer society has changed, and the demand for sustainable, smart packaging solutions is constantly increasing. The goal of a genuine recycling economy can be achieved only if packaging is no longer produced from plastic composites and monomaterials are increasingly used instead. As a result, the recycling rate increases rapidly.

To support this trend towards the use of monomaterials, including bioplastics, Telsonic is providing global food producers with a fast, effective and ecological sealing technology. The torsional ultrasonic sealing technology SONIQTWIST® is 200% gentler on the material and the packaged goods. It is very important to protect the product and to seal it in a process-safe way, especially in the food industry. With the goal of "Zero Food Waste". 

This innovative ultrasonic technology stands for low energy input, high clock rates while also having 100% sealed packaging. For statistical purposes and traceability, the entire sealing process is monitored. All data can be retrieved and evaluated intelligently via the interface. 

Sustainability concerns us all. Telsonic provides you with support in an advisory capacity and is a technology supplier in the field of advanced ultrasonic sealing technologies.

Take advantage of our broad application knowledge and contact the Telsonic Packaging team today.

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