Aug 3, 2023

SIG customers benefit from groundbreaking ultrasound innovation

As a leading provider of sustainable, innovative, and versatile packaging solutions, SIG works in close partnership with both customers and technology suppliers to bring food and beverage products to consumers around the world in a safe, sustainable, and affordable way.

The company’s latest packaging innovation, SIG Vita, is designed to make opening, holding, pouring, closing, and storing easier, whilst meeting the growing sustainability demands of consumers. In addition to the functionality features of the new packaging range, a new weight-optimized cap remains attached to the pack after the simple one-step opening process. This tethered cap design ensures that the caps stay attached to the pack, and that they are disposed of, and recycled, with the carton.

Whilst innovative design and the use of recyclable materials
is important, of equal significance is the flexibility, production capability, and energy efficiency of the technologies and systems used to fill and seal the packaging. Here too, SIG are taking a significant step forward.
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