May 29, 2015

Successful participation at the WPE 2015 in Milwaukee, USA


The 15th annual Electrical Wiring Processing Technology exposition was held in Milwaukee on May 13 & 14, 2015.


A wide range of equipment including the TS3, TS6, MPX and TSP750 were on display at the TELSONIC booth.  The strategic partnership between TELSONIC and Schleuniger was highlighted by having complementary products from each company in the other company’s respective booth.  As in the years past, the expo’s focus was on wire harness manufacturing and the turnout was excellent.  It was attended by over 3000 well qualified visitors that included many decision makers from OEMs and various tier suppliers to the Automotive, Electrical and Electronics industries.

There continues to be a lot of demand and interest in high voltage applications, which require larger splices and terminations. A number of visitors brought actual sample material for discussions, and the booth personnel were able to demonstrate various capabilities and the superiority of the Telsonic equipment firsthand.  The visitors were impressed by the sophistication of the welding equipment, yet the user friendly nature of programming and operating them.


This year’s expo was a tremendous success in further introducing TELSONIC as an industry leader that continues to set the pace in the ultrasonic welding.


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