Jun 22, 2018

Technology Day 2018

Technology Day 2018 at Telsonic in Michigan was a complete success. Visitors were lining up at 8:00 AM in the front lobby, and by 8:15 we had no more parking spaces available.  Quick action from the Telsonic team by moving cars to neighbor’s parking lots, enabled us to welcome the large group of visitors in our facility. 

We held 4 plastic and 4 metal welding seminars during the day and booked to maximum capacity in our 2 large meeting rooms. 
Multiple stations on our floor showcased the following: 

+ Ultrasonic Metal and Plastic Welding, Robot Ultrasonic Cutting and Welding with Automated Tool Changer.  

+ Non-Woven Ultrasonic Cutting, Torsional Ultrasonic Welding “SONIQTWIST®” on thin wall painted exterior parts.

+ Automation Studio for efficient Ultrasonic Technology Integration.

+ Vibration Welding with Infrared Pre-Heat

+ Large Part Vibration Welding for Automotive Instrument Panels

+ Process Technology with Ultrasonic Sieving and Cleaning have drawn major excitement.

By the end of the day we counted 150 plus attendees and judging by their compliments we consider this day very successful.

Thank you to the Boston and Michigan Teams who helped made this happen. 

Jochen Bacher, President

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